USA: Route 66 Texas to California RV Trip (Part 2)
Forty five miles south of Route 66, Fort Sumner had little to distinguish it other than winds blowing sagebrush across the uneven road and into the cemetery where ‘Billy the Kid’ is buried. Made famous in early western novels and immortalized in numerous western movies, ‘Billy the Kid’ is still today known as one of the most notorious killers of the Wild West era.
USA: Route 66 Chicago to Texas RV Trip (Part 1)
It was a cold April day, the sort of morning that even a swig of moonshine wouldn’t have helped warm up our hearts as we headed away from Chicago’s lakefront on a small section of old Route 66, what Americans fondly call, “The Mother Road,” or as it’s also colloquially known, “The Main Street of America.”
AUSTRALIA, SA: Dishing It Out In South Australia
When we walked into the restaurant the maître’d was describing the menu to one of the midday diners ahead of us, “Well” he said, “food still remains food . . . from nose to tail," it was something we were soon to sample.
KIWI: Sitting on the DOC of the Bay - A Campervan in the Coromandel
As I looked out from my campsite at Fletcher Bay on the northernmost point of the Coromandel I thought how lucky am I. Here I was sitting with just one other smaller campervan right in front of a beautiful crescent-shaped sandy beach with some rocky outcrops poking out into the Colville Channel. It’s small and spectacular as well as lonesome at certain times of the year.
USA, Rockies: A Most Excellent Adventure - RV Trip Part 2
Departing the Black Hills of South Dakota we turned our RV (recreational vehicle) west, back into Wyoming on our return journey to Los Angeles via Utah. There were no clouds in the sky as we drove into the wide open expanses of America’s cowboy state, a state littered with the remains of the early days of the wild west.
USA, Rockies: A Most Excellent Adventure - RV Trip Part 1
The weather on June 15th 2013 was crisp, clear, hot and sunny. It was my birthday. When we arrived at the summit of Wyoming’s Teton Pass at 8,431-feet (2560 m) a group of Harley Davidson riders were taking in the view. And what a view. Laid out below us was a landscape canvas of the southern Jackson Hole valley.
KIWI: South by Southwest Auckland
The rugged bluff where I was standing was as weather-beaten as the chap standing next to me. His name was Frostie. "Life’s too short," he pronounced, as winds buffeted our bodies, "I'm 67 years-old and I still love my hunting, fishing and shooting." It was the shooting he intended giving me a crash course in.
AUSTRALIA, QLD: Campervan Adventures on the Great Tropical Drive
There are 13 additional routes that veer off the main Great Tropical Drive so you can add an extra week or more to your itinerary if you so please; the choice is yours based on time available really. We decided to start from Townsville in a clockwise direction but the trip can also be started in either direction from Cairns as well.
AUSTRALIA, NSW: A South Coast & Southern Highlands Tasting Seduction
It was my first venture into this part of New South Wales and I was beginning to sense this three-night road trip would have a tempting smorgasbord of culinary opportunities and I wasn’t about to be disappointed. First night’s entrée would be staying and dining at the exclusive ‘Paperback Camp’ in National Park. Mains and dessert was a Movable Feast thereafter.
USA, WY: Unadulterated Wilderness - Yellowstone National Park
The Madison River is a chalkstream-course that is largely the same today as it was nearly 200 years ago when mountain man and fur trapper John Colter first stumbled upon the bizarre natural geothermal wonders of this region. Today it’s better known as Yellowstone National Park.
USA, SD: Famous Faces in Great Places
The Black Hills of South Dakota is famous for the gold rush days of the 1870s and the town of Deadwood, later made famous by the likes of James Butler, also known as ‘Wild’ Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane which started life in 1876, built on a rowdy history of gold, gambling and gunpowder!
USA, ID and MT: Call of the Wild
Adrenaline junkie Shane Boocock whets his appetite for wild adventure driving the backroads in big-sky Montana and big-river Idaho. From fly fishing it's wild rivers and lakes, to river rafting and jet boating . . . Idaho and Montana offers up a plethora of outdoor opportunities.
KIWI: Unpack, Inhale and Unwind – Breathing Easy on Auckland’s West Coast
It was only a short 40 minute drive from downtown Auckland to the heart of Kumeu’s renowned wine country and the famous black sand surfing breaks at Bethells Beach and Muriwai Beach. If wine and beaches aren’t enough, for those with a passion for outdoor adventures there’s surfing lessons, horse riding treks, mountain biking trails or riding an ATV (all-terrain vehicle).
AUSTRALIA, TAS: A Taste and a Tipple in Tassie
This was my first trip to Tasmania so I was pleasantly surprised to find that Launceston’s gracious Victorian streetscapes were very different from many other Australian cities I have visited. Not only did the scenery look different but as I was to find out, the food and wine temptations are on a par with some of the world’s best hotspots.
USA, AZ: Tombstone - To Boothill and Back RV Trip
Hitting the road in an American camper van (a Recreational Vehicle or RV) is the way to see the great outdoors of the USA. With two weeks to head into southern California and the well-known cowboy town of Tombstone in Arizona is what western dreams are made of.
USA, HI: Hairpin Highway to Hana and Beyond
The island of Maui is a place that is far more crowded today than when author James Michener visited Hana, writing these words about Hamoa Beach, “Paradoxically, the only beach I have ever seen that looks like the South Pacific was in the North Pacific. Hamoa Beach on Maui Island in Hawai’i; a beach so perfectly formed that I wonder at its comparative obscurity.”
SCOTLAND: A Scottish Highland Fling
East Neuk is on the Firth of Forth, a scenic route passing through clusters of tiny fishing villages surrounded by fields of hay bales rolled like giant roly-poly sponge cakes. Here picturesque biscuit-tin scenes of fishing harbours such as Anstruther and Crail displayed idyllic walled harbours protecting sturdy North Sea fishing boats.
WALES: Wandering North Wales
A weekend wandering the moorland's of Snowdonia, the backstreets in Anglesey, and the churches and castles of North Wales where the Kings of England tried to impose their authority. Finally I landed in Portmeirion - a one-off architecturally inspired wonder that blends an Italianate village with some Welsh whimsical flavour.
USA, CA: Highway 1 - The Convict Coast RV Trip
We were headed for the town of Pacifica and the start of one of America’s best known routes. For anybody who likes to get behind the wheel of a convertible, sedan, or luxury RV motorhome, Highway 1 is the road that will turn all other scenic routes into mere back street thoroughfares.
AUSTRALIA, QLD: A Taste of Sunshine in Queensland
If you’re staying at Noosa, Coolum or Maroochydore make the effort to spend a day up in the Hinterlands and you’ll discover craft markets, rainforest walks, cascading waterfalls and by following your nose you’ll also find a glorious amount of food and wine to lick your lips at.
KIWI: The Wonder Country - Campervan Ventures in Southland
Earlier that first day I’d picked up my Maui campervan at Queenstown airport. I’d requested something small and functional; a vehicle with a fridge, stove and a bed - a shower and toilet I didn’t think was necessary. They gave me the keys to a Toyota Spirit 2 Grande, a perfect size vehicle for me to scoot around the Southern Alps region at leisure.
USA, FL: A Highway That Goes to Sea - Florida Keys RV Trip
Over the years many famous American’s have made their way south to Key West including the Nobel prize winning author Ernest Hemingway, playwright Tennessee Williams as well as President Harry S Truman. Some people never leave, they call it “the Key’s Disease,” out of towners like us simply know it as living on island-time.