MACAU: Magical Charm
If you're in the region on a stopover for a few days, check out the 10 best highlights while visiting Macau for a few days. I’ve mixed and matched some old and some new attractions, where a little of the East meets West that is worth considering during a visit to old Portuguese Macau.
HONG KONG: Top Ten Must See Attractions
It occurred to me that Hong Kong has so many old and new attractions worth visiting and experiencing that I thought it was about time and worthwhile listing my favourite top 10 things to do in the neon city. There are some obvious choices but there are also a host of other options that are now available in Hong Kong, especially if you are there on a two night stopover.
MACAU: A Macanese Affair to Remember
My first visit to Macau dates back 30 years to the time I backpacked through Asia with a well-worn bible - the Lonely Planet Southeast Asia on a Shoestring guidebook. The ferry service from Hong Kong was by a Boeing Jetfoil powered by two jumbo jet engines that made the 60 km crossing in 45 minutes for the outrageous price of HK$45.
HONG KONG: Hong Kong’s Adventurous Atributes
We were a little skeptical about leaving the famous Hong Kong skyline for the outer reaches of Hong Kong. However under the guidance of Stephanie from Walk Hong Kong, a company that offers hikes across some of Hong Kong’s most unpopulated and pristine areas, we headed out to hike the ‘Dragon’s Back Trail’ – famously hailed by Time Magazine as Asia´s best urban hike.
SOUTH KOREA: Temple Tourism Where Silence is Golden
We had booked what is known as a Templestay, a unique cultural program that allows you to experience the life of a Buddhist practitioner at traditional temples that preserve the 1700 year old history of Korean Buddhism. Many of the temples are situated in the most scenic areas of Korea with beautiful mountain scenery, streams and spectacular natural beauty.
NEPAL: Kartwheeling in Kathmandu
On the streets of Kathmandu sandwiched between, buses, military trucks, tuk tuks, and all manner of motor bikes with flat wooden pallets fused to a frame and four bike tyres that were pushed along by skinny men selling everything from peanuts and spices to exotic fruit and vegetables – even the rubbish collection was done with a push-bike cart!
NEPAL: Eat Pray Hike – Life on a Himalayan Trail Part 2.
New Zealand’s most famous adventurer, Sir Edmund Hillary once said, “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” As mentioned previously, our goal was to climb our own personal Everest, to summit the peak of Gokyo Ri at 5483m. We were about at the halfway point and had slept the night at 3600m at Portse Tenga where the temperature had dropped below freezing.
NEPAL: Eat Pray Hike – Life on a Himalayan Trail Part 1.
We had arrived in Lukla about lunchtime. Outside our tea-hut were a few Dzopkyo – a cross between a cow and a yak, these beasts of burden are made use of at elevations below 3400m, animals that the Sherpa people consider more valuable than a pure bred Yak. Yet, they weren’t ours to appropriate – we had four personal porters each be lugging two of our 15 kilo bags.
SINGAPORE: Capella Hotel, Sensosa Island
The architects have ingeniously woven the best of old and new Singapore in an astonishing transformation. On arrival I was received by their hotel staff in two historic bungalows named Tanah Merah, or "red earth" in Malay.
THAILAND: Sky High in Bustling Bangkok
Getting around Bangkok day or night no matter what the weather, is actually easier than it looks in this city of 17 million, where the inimitable road chaos seems to overwhelm first time travellers. If you are travelling with a family, the first thing to remember is to pass out hotel cards of where you are staying in case someone gets lost.
MALAYSIA, Sabah Borneo: In The Land of the Red Ape
The path circuitously meandered by a rushing waterfall and then the first of thousands of steps appeared. Sweat was already coating my shirt. Onwards and upwards to the top of Mount Kinabulu.