PERU: Lake Sandoval, Amazonia: Mundos Intocados – Untouched Worlds.
As soon as we emerged out onto the lake from the dense jungle undergrowth and sky-filtered treetop canopy, the last rays of sunlight cast a golden syrupy glow on the outer edge of the entangled, eerie rainforest – nighttime was about to turn this part of Amazonia into a place that only animals and insects venture into.
USA: Route 66 Texas to California RV Trip (Part 2)
Forty five miles south of Route 66, Fort Sumner had little to distinguish it other than winds blowing sagebrush across the uneven road and into the cemetery where ‘Billy the Kid’ is buried. Made famous in early western novels and immortalized in numerous western movies, ‘Billy the Kid’ is still today known as one of the most notorious killers of the Wild West era.
USA: Route 66 Chicago to Texas RV Trip (Part 1)
It was a cold April day, the sort of morning that even a swig of moonshine wouldn’t have helped warm up our hearts as we headed away from Chicago’s lakefront on a small section of old Route 66, what Americans fondly call, “The Mother Road,” or as it’s also colloquially known, “The Main Street of America.”
KIWI: Stewart Island's Natural Beauty
A little island, off a little island, off a little island . . . is how David Attenborough once described his visit to a Ocean Beach on Stewart Island during a nighttime excursion to see kiwi birds in the wild. The flight across from Invercargill is just 20 minutes but it transports you to another time, in another place that seems to have been preserved for visits in a 'Tardis time machine.'
KIWI: Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track - Stairway to Heaven
This is an area with more wilderness and less people than you'll find on other tramping routes in New Zealand - it's that remote. From the shoreline of unspoilt beaches we walked along the track experiencing the diversity of our beautiful native bush as it changes dramatically with elevation gain from native podocarp forest to soaring limestone 'tors' on the mountaintop.
KIWI: Sitting on the DOC of the Bay - A Campervan in the Coromandel
As I looked out from my campsite at Fletcher Bay on the northernmost point of the Coromandel I thought how lucky am I. Here I was sitting with just one other smaller campervan right in front of a beautiful crescent-shaped sandy beach with some rocky outcrops poking out into the Colville Channel. It’s small and spectacular as well as lonesome at certain times of the year.
HONG KONG: Top Ten Must See Attractions
It occurred to me that Hong Kong has so many old and new attractions worth visiting and experiencing that I thought it was about time and worthwhile listing my favourite top 10 things to do in the neon city. There are some obvious choices but there are also a host of other options that are now available in Hong Kong, especially if you are there on a two night stopover.
MACAU: A Macanese Affair to Remember
My first visit to Macau dates back 30 years to the time I backpacked through Asia with a well-worn bible - the Lonely Planet Southeast Asia on a Shoestring guidebook. The ferry service from Hong Kong was by a Boeing Jetfoil powered by two jumbo jet engines that made the 60 km crossing in 45 minutes for the outrageous price of HK$45.
USA, Rockies: A Most Excellent Adventure - RV Trip Part 2
Departing the Black Hills of South Dakota we turned our RV (recreational vehicle) west, back into Wyoming on our return journey to Los Angeles via Utah. There were no clouds in the sky as we drove into the wide open expanses of America’s cowboy state, a state littered with the remains of the early days of the wild west.
USA, Rockies: A Most Excellent Adventure - RV Trip Part 1
The weather on June 15th 2013 was crisp, clear, hot and sunny. It was my birthday. When we arrived at the summit of Wyoming’s Teton Pass at 8,431-feet (2560 m) a group of Harley Davidson riders were taking in the view. And what a view. Laid out below us was a landscape canvas of the southern Jackson Hole valley.
KIWI: Top 10 Kiwi Coastal Department of Conservation Campsites
As summer approaches many of my friends start making arrangements for the festive holidays by dusting off all their camping gear, the stuff that has been stored in the garage for the past 12 months. Camping, campervan and caravanning is one of the finest ways to see New Zealand and to experience the great outdoors: hiking, swimming, kayaking, surfing or fishing.
KIWI: South by Southwest Auckland
The rugged bluff where I was standing was as weather-beaten as the chap standing next to me. His name was Frostie. "Life’s too short," he pronounced, as winds buffeted our bodies, "I'm 67 years-old and I still love my hunting, fishing and shooting." It was the shooting he intended giving me a crash course in.
AUSTRALIA, QLD: Campervan Adventures on the Great Tropical Drive
There are 13 additional routes that veer off the main Great Tropical Drive so you can add an extra week or more to your itinerary if you so please; the choice is yours based on time available really. We decided to start from Townsville in a clockwise direction but the trip can also be started in either direction from Cairns as well.
HONG KONG: Hong Kong’s Adventurous Atributes
We were a little skeptical about leaving the famous Hong Kong skyline for the outer reaches of Hong Kong. However under the guidance of Stephanie from Walk Hong Kong, a company that offers hikes across some of Hong Kong’s most unpopulated and pristine areas, we headed out to hike the ‘Dragon’s Back Trail’ – famously hailed by Time Magazine as Asia´s best urban hike.
KIWI: Top 10 Adventure Activities to Experience in Auckland
“For me it’s all about experiencing the great outdoors, enjoying a healthier lifestyle and having fun – for people full of life it’s about seeking out new activities and about overcoming your fears, stepping out beyond your comfort zone and being adventurous in one of the most spectacular countries in the world.
KIWI: The Gems and Jewels of the Tutukaka Coast
I had three days to discover what was new and refreshing about this eastern part of Northland. It soon became obvious it is the perfect place to tackle a few outdoor pursuits and adventures such as hiking, sea fishing, diving, snorkelling and kayaking. All right up my outdoor alley I have to say.
USA, WY: Unadulterated Wilderness - Yellowstone National Park
The Madison River is a chalkstream-course that is largely the same today as it was nearly 200 years ago when mountain man and fur trapper John Colter first stumbled upon the bizarre natural geothermal wonders of this region. Today it’s better known as Yellowstone National Park.
KIWI: Island’s in the Gulf
The jewels in the crown of Auckland lie only a short distance from the heart of downtown out in the Hauraki Gulf. Take a day out on the water and discover some of the most beautiful islands in the whole of New Zealand
USA, MT: Montana’s Forgotten Ghost Towns
As I found out, ghost towns and ghost camps in Montana are in out of the way places at high elevations in places such as Alder Gulch - Virginia City, Bannack, Granite and Garnet. To retrace history, I found most of these ghost towns off the beaten path.
USA, ID and MT: Call of the Wild
Adrenaline junkie Shane Boocock whets his appetite for wild adventure driving the backroads in big-sky Montana and big-river Idaho. From fly fishing it's wild rivers and lakes, to river rafting and jet boating . . . Idaho and Montana offers up a plethora of outdoor opportunities.
WESTERN SAMOA: In the Footsteps of Robert Louis Stephenson
It’s hard to imagine what it would have been like to dock in the port of Apia in the Samoan Islands in December 1889, at time when Jack the Ripper was still terrorising women in the impoverished areas around the Whitechapel district of London, a story that might have come from the novelist pen of Robert Louis Stephenson had it not been true.
TONGA: Vava’u Island Group
Vava’u is spread across 115 square kilometers where you’ll find peaceful island villages, remote sandy-fringed uninhabited islands, spectacular deserted stretches of white sandy beaches and a landscape of beauty that a digital camera finds impossible to capture.
USA, AZ: Tombstone - To Boothill and Back RV Trip
Hitting the road in an American camper van (a Recreational Vehicle or RV) is the way to see the great outdoors of the USA. With two weeks to head into southern California and the well-known cowboy town of Tombstone in Arizona is what western dreams are made of.
FIJI: Cavorting on the Coral Coast
The Coral Coast lies about an hour’s drive southwest of Nadi along the Queen’s Road on the main island of Viti Levu where the coastline is a combination of mangrove forests, rocky outcrops, some huge sand dunes, inland bays and sandy beaches fringed by shallow, well protected lagoons making it an ideal location for snorkeling and diving.
NEPAL: Kartwheeling in Kathmandu
On the streets of Kathmandu sandwiched between, buses, military trucks, tuk tuks, and all manner of motor bikes with flat wooden pallets fused to a frame and four bike tyres that were pushed along by skinny men selling everything from peanuts and spices to exotic fruit and vegetables – even the rubbish collection was done with a push-bike cart!
KIWI: Going With The Flow - A Day on the Dart River
The trip itself is a mesmeric adventure that combines exhilarating wilderness jet boating with unique ‘Funyak’ inflatable canoes. It’s a ‘cool’ way to intimately explore this region’s magnificent World Heritage designated wilderness that’s located within Mt Aspiring National Park.
NEPAL: Eat Pray Hike – Life on a Himalayan Trail Part 2.
New Zealand’s most famous adventurer, Sir Edmund Hillary once said, “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” As mentioned previously, our goal was to climb our own personal Everest, to summit the peak of Gokyo Ri at 5483m. We were about at the halfway point and had slept the night at 3600m at Portse Tenga where the temperature had dropped below freezing.
NEPAL: Eat Pray Hike – Life on a Himalayan Trail Part 1.
We had arrived in Lukla about lunchtime. Outside our tea-hut were a few Dzopkyo – a cross between a cow and a yak, these beasts of burden are made use of at elevations below 3400m, animals that the Sherpa people consider more valuable than a pure bred Yak. Yet, they weren’t ours to appropriate – we had four personal porters each be lugging two of our 15 kilo bags.
USA, HI: Hairpin Highway to Hana and Beyond
The island of Maui is a place that is far more crowded today than when author James Michener visited Hana, writing these words about Hamoa Beach, “Paradoxically, the only beach I have ever seen that looks like the South Pacific was in the North Pacific. Hamoa Beach on Maui Island in Hawai’i; a beach so perfectly formed that I wonder at its comparative obscurity.”
KIWI: This Restless Land – Hiking the Tongariro Crossing & Mt. Ruapehu
Tongariro means ‘South Wind’ and once we had reached the first valley I could sense why it was so named. At first light we were crunching the muesli-like scoria underfoot, a well-defined trail that meandered between lichen-covered rocks and low clumps of bracken and Scottish heather where glassy streams gurgled through rocky gullies.
KIWI: On My Bike - Mountain Biking and the Queenstown Bike Festival
Attending a bike festival usually means only one thing . . . a wee bit of pedalling! It was the week before Easter and instead of eating chocolate Easter eggs I was busy hanging onto my handle bars as I careened down some steep goat trail in some of the most sensational backcountry terrain on the planet.
REPUBLIC of IRELAND: Wrestling Wrasse on the Beara Peninsula
The Beara Peninsular is one of the least explored regions in the west of Ireland. This is a rugged landscape but with a good fishing guide you can soon be spinning for pollack, float fishing for wrasse, fly fishing for sea trout, fishing with a strip of mackerel for lesser spotted dogfish or a sandeel for thornback rays. Most of the shore fishing is easily accessible on flattened rock formations.
ENGLAND: The Land of Romans, Myths and Medieval Castles
Having found the warmth of the local inn I could see Hadrian’s Wall snaking over a large crag before dropping down into a windswept saddle. In this historic spot it was easy to imagine the three Roman legions who built it trooping down the slopes not knowing it would take over six years to complete the 67 mile wall (or 80 Roman ones) stretching from coast to coast - North Sea to Irish Sea.
ENGLAND: On The Trail of Lancashire’s Pendle Witches
This speck of UK countryside is what experienced hikers seek out, where solitude abounds, and where wind-swept views can’t be captured fully on a digital camera, a backcloth portrayal of hamlets, sheep speckled boulder-strewn fields, beleaguered farms and unstable stone walls, where only low-beamed country inns offers respite and shelter.
USA, CA: Highway 1 - The Convict Coast RV Trip
We were headed for the town of Pacifica and the start of one of America’s best known routes. For anybody who likes to get behind the wheel of a convertible, sedan, or luxury RV motorhome, Highway 1 is the road that will turn all other scenic routes into mere back street thoroughfares.
VENEZUELA: Where Angels Dared To Tread
Nowadays, many seasoned travellers journey through South American countries reliving their youth, occasionally using well-travelled backpacks from a bygone era. It seems a nostalgic way to travel again, a cool way to stop at funky hotels where travellers of all-ages swap ‘don’t-venture-there’ type tales.
KIWI: The Wonder Country - Campervan Ventures in Southland
Earlier that first day I’d picked up my Maui campervan at Queenstown airport. I’d requested something small and functional; a vehicle with a fridge, stove and a bed - a shower and toilet I didn’t think was necessary. They gave me the keys to a Toyota Spirit 2 Grande, a perfect size vehicle for me to scoot around the Southern Alps region at leisure.
USA, FL: A Highway That Goes to Sea - Florida Keys RV Trip
Over the years many famous American’s have made their way south to Key West including the Nobel prize winning author Ernest Hemingway, playwright Tennessee Williams as well as President Harry S Truman. Some people never leave, they call it “the Key’s Disease,” out of towners like us simply know it as living on island-time.
MALAYSIA, Sabah Borneo: In The Land of the Red Ape
The path circuitously meandered by a rushing waterfall and then the first of thousands of steps appeared. Sweat was already coating my shirt. Onwards and upwards to the top of Mount Kinabulu.